SG MAP – Primary School

Dear Friends,

Happy 2016! QUESTIONS!

Do you have plan to buy a house in the near future? Have you being struggling to figure out where those highly ranked primary schools are? Whether or not your future property will be located within the 1km circle?

YES! We had the same struggle, and thus create a tiny gadget to share with you! FREE OF CHARGE! DON’T wait, grab it now!


Alright, those are just jokes… But Gui Zong and I actually have some fun stuff to share with you as a new year surprise. A GoogleMap layer marked with locations of the primary schools in SG.

The ranking info is actually quite old from a 2008 post in the link below:

What we did was just:
Extract the geographical coordinates of these schools, and plot them with their names, ranking and index in google map. When you open the link, you should see:
– Points indicating the locations of primary schools with their names_rank
– The color of the point markers is adjusted according to their index, higher the better
– Last but not the least, a black circle with 1km radius surrounding each point marker

Again, this is just for fun! Hope you enjoy it!

Gui Zong & Xiao Bing



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