What if tomorrow is the last day?

If that is true, we are about to count down by hours now. I’ve tried to seriously think what I should catch if tomorrow would be the last day for a few seconds. Since bing is outside for his work and has a good plan to play basketball with his friend after work, he happily said goodbye to me this morning when he left. I guess he definitely doesn’t care that rumour of last day on earth, and might forget ibanything about it. Even if today is the second last/or last day, we should still lead a life as usual. Well, a logical explanation is that what if it is not the last day, there might be a payoff for someone who seriously believes so. Even if this rumour is true, I still don’t know what to catch. Catch the things based on what? Time is moving second by second, it seems meaningless to catch anything. So an optimal solution is still on leading a life as usual.

There were some moments made me realize that life could be different or changed or influenced  by some tiny events. But then, I quickly realized that those are the events that we can’t control completely. This make me to think that life is somehow fragile. Eventually, I hope I can control the life by my own mind instead of environment.  So we need a strong mind, event if today is the last day. We need a “beautiful” mind to enjoy every moment in the life.

NASA told us it won’t be the last day.  http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/2012.html

Actually, I only believe tomorrow will be the last day with probability less than 0.00001%.


One comment

  1. Emma · December 20, 2012

    Did you apply hypothesis testing before reaching the probability?!ha~
    The sun shines a whole day now:) Life is changing better:)

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