First Recess Week in First Semester of PhD

Nothing special at all if I haven’t tried to write it out, as it’s just a normal week, except SE lab hold a ATAV conference.
As a first year junior, there was nothing I could really help…just did as much as I could.
Don’t know why I wrote those words out in English.
A little bit tired, or not really
Not happy with staying in lab at FRIDAY NIGHT, reviewing notes that will turn out nothing to do with future research….
REALISED that a recess week passed, a little bit pity…and even worse, as I kept myself in the lab at FRIDAY NIGHT
all right, just assume there is no recess week.
Nothing special, as there will be four years to go, or even more, though only maybe 3 semester…
Nothing special, as there are only three modules each week, 3 hrs/module. It’s almost like a recess everyweek for PhD.
En, Nothing special, except I can’t visit you in weekend, so is in FRIDAY NIGHT.
Nothing special at all,
Definitely, Maybe
NEVER MIND, since I’ve spent a great Middle Autume already.:) A huge chilly crab…en,

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