【歌曲】《the garden of everything》【专辑】《Rahxephon Movie Single
Here you are
Daylight’s star
Made out of miracles
Perfection of your own
You alone
O so incredible
Each atom sings to me
"Set me free
From chains of the physical."
O free me, O free me

The mirror melts,
I’m somewhere else
Inside eternity
Where you on
Outstretched wings
Sing within
The Garden of Everything
Where memories
Call to me
Backward dreams?
Or phantom reality?
Call to me, they call to me

A love like ours
A starry flower
Through seasons and centuries
As rivers reach the sea
You’ll reach me
With songs of your symmetry
A small boat
There will float
To far off coasts
The Isle of Infinity
Come with me, O come with me

Here we’ll see
Love’s lost tree
Made out of miracles
Emotions, crystal leaves
To cover me
And you in eternity
Each atom sings to us
Through the blood
"Love is a miracle"
Sings softly, it sings softly

To arms of the ever eternal
And every day will return us
To arms of the ever eternal


用遥远天际的事物或者概念,来延伸眼前有限的时间,和空间,如此形成的浪漫。在古人看来,或者普片的概念中,宇宙就是无限的,eternal这个词,和宇宙是如此的匹配。 就如转瞬即逝来形容流星一样。

如此推断,所谓的浪漫,也只能算是一种暂时的概念或者事物,which could bring people out of the current confined situation or conception temporally. 


于是不尽会疑问,那为什么是 流星,月亮,星座 往往会和浪漫挂钩呢? 应为够抽象吧。 这些是不属于人们理性范围内的东西,于是很容易赋予其象征意义的概念。 于是照这样推断,人的愚昧也应该是和浪漫挂钩的,知道的东西越少,对于事物的理解就越模糊,也就越容易被浪漫怔住。


Ok. Out of topic

My point is 人们经常会坚信一些用不用去证实的事物。 例如,古人发誓的时候会说: 黄天在上,什么土为证的, 那是应为人们相信,这永远是存在的,或者说,古人从来都没有去怀疑过它的不存在性。

所以,有时候的一些message, if say, delivered by  superpower, which people could just follow without any question. 所以superpower只是给人一种信念,去相信或者做一些好的事情,而不用花时间在迷茫或者证实上。 于是对于superpower的存在性,可以淡化了,更多的是一种概念,或者不用去证实的信念。




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