• Libra
    September 23 – Octoer 22
    Have you been planning to travel, perhaps for business, dear Libra? You might receiv word that your trip has to be postponed, which could be a real disappointment. However, bear in mind that this is only a delay, not a denial. All signs are that you will make that trip, so don’t panic. Think of it as more time in which to prepare, for you’ll want to be thoroughly ready before you go. Enjoy your day.                                  —-from MSN homepage
  • That’s amazing! how could it know I’m leaving today!!!
  • anyway, 上次也是,正要meet一个同学,结果msn 星座上说,你有一个不是很乐意的meeting,但还是得权衡!!很晕!!!当时很想当乐意的呀,被这预言一说,感觉成了应酬。。                                
  • 很好,这次肯定也说的应该是反的,恩,反的,反的。 我刚才才在网上做完了check-in.  
  • 早上一起床,橙黄的灯光下,躺在床上,看着贤惠的wuqi在收拾箱子,感觉好舍不得,也好平静,serendipity,可能就像她刚一出门,一个包子团甩上楼,这种时间空间交错的小概率事件吧,生活本身就是一种时间空间小概率事件的set, 大脑少许想一会,便觉得神奇,所谓的serenpidity, 可能也只是对result的一种归类吧。那如果没有result,就不是serenpidity了吧。因为生活本身就很神奇. for example, a ball is going to be dropped to the ground, and there are tens of hundreds of possibilities, as the event itself is randomly selected, while, only serendipidy could explain why that was the spot  the ball dropped off. maybe, this is one of the reasons for people believe in god, if they seek for an explaination.
  • 貌似有点语无伦次了,这个预言,昨天晚上有同学告诉我温哥华也下了大雪,今天又有storm, -26 degree的时候我就有想过,if my flight is postponed, I will be there still. BE PATIENT.                                                                        
  • 还想祝自己HK,旅途愉快。
  • libra,看见美的事物就很开心~ HK                              



  1. Luyan · December 23, 2008

    哈哈, 我也是沙发了, 虽然不是太明白,但感觉很有哲理。enjoy the trip in HK, see you soon~~

  2. Maggie · December 27, 2008

    happy new year!! 在香港倒数2009年一定非常好玩!

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